Backup periodically with Serverboards


One feature I think would be really useful is to use Serverboards to automate Backups.

The idea would be to somehow configure to make a backup from some service and store it (possibly encrypted) in another. They key here is to have both sides disconnected, so the options multiply.

The simplest case would be to backup a directory from an SSH server to another SSH server. A more complex one would be to backup all emails from an account to Dropbox.

On the SSH version it may be interesting have a version that just backups the stdout so custom backupers can be created with basic shell skills.

Of course it should be creating issues if the backup fails, some monitoring of latest backups (extra points if any is being performed right now), and so on.

It could be done using rules, with the time of backup as the trigger, and use the actions to pass along the information on where the data is stored, but this may be problematic for huge backups, as it may require to store it temporarily at the Serverboards server.

Another option is to create a new specialized service, with custom protocols, so that you configure the source, it spits out data using events or calling successively to a function (read?), encrypts block by block (filter?) and then it sends it to a sink which will receive the data chunks with successive calls to a function (write?).

Key management should also be added, but for the backups it could be only the public key.

Finally some restore option should be available, although in some cases it may be empty.

Is there anything more that could be desired in a backup solution based on Serverboards?


For an initial version a mix could be used: the backup can be an action where you select a source and a sink, and internally does all the work. For the first version no GPG is needed, but ir could be a nice extra.


At Serverboards 18.01 there is a initial implementation of this feature: it allows backup using SSH as source and desitnation, and adding other backends as plugins.

No encryption yet.

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