Designing new rules: Rules V2


At Serverboards 17.04 we had simple rules that just executed one action when there was a state change. But was not enough.

For once, it relied on a lot of login on the trigger itself, as it had to keep track of the status changes, but that was not enough for complex situations where you want more information than a status change. How many days until expiration? For which domain? These details could not be delivered to the actions to for example properly fill the notifications or issues.

With the new rules v2 we plan to have complex pipelines, where it is possible to trigger the pipeline (similar as before) but then run some login, as if contiionals, and perform more than one action. Also pass along information about the status. For the previous example that would be an object with the name of the service, how many days until expiration, and what expiration.

We have screenshots too!

There is code for automatic translation of old rules, and support rules as per Semantic Versioning until 18.04.

I will keep you informed as we progress on this! Also leave your comments and remarks!


Just a quick update.

We keep working on the rules: The backend is working, but sure has some rough edges. The frontend has some basic visualization and this week we’ll be focused on the edition of the rules.

If you want to follow or try how it is going, check the CORE-65-new-rules-pipelines branch at github.


@Rafa, I have some questions concerning the design.

.1. When data is saved. At creation there is a “Finish and Save”. But when editing an already existing rule, do we add the option to the top menu?

.2. Access to the rules log. I dont know if it should be only from the list of rules, or also from the rule edit/view. If it were from this view, also add a shortcut to the top menu? or how?


A lot of work is being put into the new rules and we finally are getting to the goal!

The back end works, and the front end is almost finished. There are still some UI/UX things to be solved, and the final save/create step, but look and behold how the rules are going so far:

So far we can click on every option, navigate to next/prev step, modify the data, create actions and conditionals… And it looks amazing!

I hope by that the end of the week we can finally push all this work to the master branch!

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