Introducing Issues section on two side views to easy read and manage them


We are working hard to improve the UX at the new Serverboards 17.10 coming this fall.

Now Issues will be presented on two side views, letf for the listing and right for the details on the selected one from the left. By doing this you will no lose the full picture of all the issues on a project but if you were interested on getting more details related to a particular one, you can read it all, comment, upload new documents or related picts to that, to avoid

More info in one sight, less confusing by navigating back/forward and better issues management with no losing context.

On the other hand, we made also new improvements to manage a particular issue, to get it close easier and even to re-open with a toggle to setup status right on the status label, which is easier to find and read on this new version.


This is super cool! :sparkling_heart:

Just one question, what do the buttons on the left do?


What buttons on the left?? There is only one to show filters and set up them…


Sorry I meant to the right… :arrow_right:


Okay, I see. The right buttons are meant to be quick access to few parts contained on the thread related to the issue, as to write a comment, see who is assignee and participants, as well as the files attached in case there are some. Technically they are basically anchors. We decided to do it that way to avoid navigation through sections inside the issue detail. All the info is presented together to be able to scroll down and read it with no distraction. However, if you want to read directly who is participating on the issue, by clicking on the “person” button you can go directly to read it about, with no need to scroll down to find out where that info is.

We think is the best way to do it, but we are ear-opened to listen to new ideas :slight_smile:


Cool! I guess it is like Jira does.

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