New add services screen


We continue working on new designs for the 17.10 release, this time I was working on easier service adding.

The ol screen for adding services was funcitonal, but ugly, difficult to use and not integrated. Thanks to the work of Rafa we have new designs that tkaes the UX to the foreground, and are gorgeus. Now when adding a service you are asked with first the type, with proper filtering and classification. This same component is used thought the frontend, so it easy to recognize.

Once the type is selected, you access directly to the form to crate a new service of that type:

Or you can select an already existing one from another project, to be used in the current project as well.

And finally and most important, the user can access directly to the Serverboards marketplace (to be announced properly), to add new services not known by the system yet, making it really really easy to add plugins to the system, in the proper context.

We still have to finish all this development, and many thing may change as we use it and find improvements to make, but starting at 17.10, it will be possible to easily add add-ons from the points you really need them.


New designs!

After talking with the UX team we saw that the overall workflow was OK, but there was room for improvement. In particular the “Go to market” button was confusing, as it could fit better as a different tab, which means also a change in how the services are selected - no more tabs for cloud/server/other. Now it is a list. Also using tabs for selecting if it was a new or existing service could be confusing. Now it uses a radio button which should make it clearer.

Mandatory screenshots:

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