New approach to add features to your project (widgets for your dashboard, new rules, tools, etc)


We love the new 2 column-sides design to show info and config at the same time, and thought maybe this could fit also on the way we add features to our projects. So we decided to give a try to this new concept, and finally decided is the right one.

Now, we can operate with content from the right one, by choosing elements from a listing, set them up, editing, etc. On the other hand, we can have related info to every single step on the left-side area, so could give a hand on configuring or to understand the process, details on a particular feature, etc.

Also we decided to categorize features according to its nature, considering they are related to servers, cloud or others, and then listing first the ones you’ve already installed, which means they are ready to be used, or those available on the market which requires to install first.

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