Tips and wizard to give a hand on configuring Serverboards 17.10


Some of our clients have requested an easier way to configure their Serverboards. Also, the have told to us why not to provide a user guide always accesible in case they have doubts.

They spoke and we listened to them! So we are working on a new proposal to combine both, an easy setup mode via wizard and info panels to explain during the process few tips to know more about specific topics related to the setup.

Here is how it looks like so far. Please, take notice this is a work in progress and final design may vary.

If you have any suggestion, just say it :slight_smile:


Thats super cool! :fireworks:

Cant wait to have Serverboards 17.10 ready!


I faced the same situation: after installation I felt stuck at the welcome screen and did not figure out how to create projects.


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