Two columns at generic fields


I just added to master the option to show some fields on the forms as two columns.

To use it add a field class with value half column to the params o fields of the form, for example:

  - id:
    type: settings
    perms: settings
    name: Email settings
    description: SMTP Server setting used by the system to communicate with users via email.
      - label: SMTP Server
        name: servername
        description: IP address or DNS name of the SMTP Server
        type: text
        validation: empty
        class: half column
      - label: Port
        name: port
        type: text
        description: Port of communication
        placeholder: Leave empty to use defaults
        class: half column
      - label: Email from
        name: from
        placeholder: eg.
        validation: email
      - label: Username
        name: username
        description: Username if required of the SMTP Server
        type: text
        class: half column
      - label: Password
        name: password_pw
        description: Password if required to use the SMTP Server
        type: password
        class: half column

Changes are already at master at

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