Universal Service Query


This last months we have been busy working on what we called Universal Service Query: An adapter that lets the user use SQL queries over the services at Serverboards, so that its very easy to perform a query that returns data from Google Analytics and Mailchimp. And the show that data in the dashboard in realtime.

For example, this shows in real time the visitors of your website (using the Google Analytics extractor):

SELECT users FROM rt

Screenshot from 2018-02-14 18-13-32

But using the same extractor I cat get my earning, according to Shopify, on a specific set of urls (a temporal table called facebook, with all the facebook referrer urls):

SELECT format("%.2f €", SUM(total_price)) 
  FROM all_orders, facebook 
WHERE (created_at >= $start) AND 
      (created_at <= $end) AND (referring_site = facebook.url)

The SQL engine used is ExoSQL, a parallel project developed for Serverboards, but independent so it can be used on any other project.

I will add a blog post soon explaining more on how it works, and what you can do, but I appreciate if anybody has any idea and/or suggestion.

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